The Products We Use

Willie Smarts endorse and use solely Aveda products. In our opinion they are far superior to all other brands. The hair care range is extensive, the aromas are amazing and are produced using only pure flower and plant essences. If  you have never had the pleasure of the shampure aroma you ought to. The staff have been trained at the Aveda Academy and would be happy to guide you through the range of shampoo, deep conditioning and styling products. We also keep a limited range of the skin care products. We were one of the first salons to use their full spectrum hair colouring system and would not want to change. They have an amazing system which is both simple but also can be customised to produce an infinite range of colours.  The colours are 7 times more fade resistant than conventional dyes. In most colour ranges you have a false impression of the finished result  because of the para dyes which disappear after a few washes leaving the colour dull. With Aveda the finished result is what stays. The high lift blonde range is second to none with high degrees of lift and tones from very ash to pale copper and everything in between which is perfect for highlighting. The enlightening powder is a pleasure to use and the kindest lightening powder we've ever come across. The whole range, which is constantly being added to, also comes in  deposit only form which leaves your hair in beautiful condition. All this and the colours are at the minimum 93% naturally derived. We don't know how they do it, but glad they do.